Crafting Effective Headlines

Hi guys. Take a look at this post from

Now check out the latest from Jonathan.

Do you think Jonathan’s headline is effective? Why or why not?



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2 responses to “Crafting Effective Headlines

  1. Amanda

    Jonathan’s post “Overlap from the Opposition” could definitely be more effective. Using some of the tips from this article, here are a couple suggestions:
    “How to define a free market”
    “Why you can’t pit Keynes vs. Friedman”
    “Do you know the difference between Keynes and Friedman?”
    “Four ways for you to understand economics better”

    Any other suggestions?

  2. Good thinking. The headline “Overlap from the Opposition” means nothing until you’re halfway into the article, and even then it’s vague. If you were scanning headlines you’d have no idea what it’s about and likely miss it.

    — Nick

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