Post Analysis Workshop Time!


Read 3 Triple Pundit posts just before coming to the workshop since we’ll be discussing and evaluating them in small groups. Here are two to you started. For the third, choose a post with a style you feel is personally aspirational.

1) Post on Microfinance
2) McDonalds Beef vs Seitan Post


Take a look at these 7 Corporate Blogs — have a look at a few posts and think about the style and effectiveness of what’s being said.  Make one note on each that characterizes how it is unique.

1) Inspired Protagonist
2) McDonalds
3) General Motors
4) Johnson Controls
5) 37 Signals
6) Southwest Airlines
7) Zappos


Pick someone at the table who has done some writing. Don’t be shy! Lay it on the table and pick it apart. Doesn’t have to be company specific or corporate, can be about your soccer team if you like.


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  1. Looking good guys! This is a test comments. I might just ramble for a sentence or two so it’s not too short. It’s really windy out today.

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