Are Motorhomes Trashing Golden Gate Park?

Having Golden Gate Park as my front yard is a unique San Francisco perk. Running, biking, museums, gardens, wind mills are within easy reach. And if I were inclined, so is the motorhome park. What? – you might be asking yourself … there’s no place to park a motorhome in the park!? Look closer and you’ll see the park ringed with motorhomes of all shapes, sizes, and states of repair parked around its perimeter.

Now I’m not entirely comfortable about going all NIMBY and suggesting that the owners of these vehicles don’t have a right to legally park in our city and enjoy he park and surrounding neighborhoods like everyone else – their sometimes quirkiness adds to the diversity and texture of our city. What I would like to through out there for consideration is how to prevent the inhabitants of these vehicles from trashing the park and surrounding neighborhoods. Lately, every walk and bike in the park leads to the discovery of a another pile of household trash, bagged and unbagged, and some distinctly unsavory “deposits” that detract from the park’s social purpose of allowing city dwellers a natural experience to unwind and recharge from the stress of urban living. In one stretch of the panhandle from Stanyon to Broderick streets I counted 11 motorhomes while walking.

So what are you other friends of the park seeing? Are there any solutions to this problem that respect the motorhome drivers AND maintain the serenity of the park and keep the area free, well at least more free, of trash? Should the city make parking vehicles over a certain size illegal in residential neighborhoods?


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