Blog mania or real business value?

Are blogs all “a buzz”, or do they creating real value for a business? We are in a society of information overload, I don’t even make the time to keep up with reading industry publications, let alone follow bloggers, tweets and opinion leaders in the industry. Blog management takes time, persistence, and does anyone even read them? What do I have to say that adds value and keeps readers coming back?

This is a question I have grappled with the last year as I took over social media marketing at my last job. I attended webinars, learned all about tags and google analytics, and even set up a schedule for employees to blog 2-3 times per week. Where did I land, you ask? Somewhere in between. There is definitely an art to blogging. The first things you must decide before embarking on this journey is who is your audience, and how will you measure its success? Setting a target for number of readers, increasing traffic to specific website pages, getting readers to take an action are all metrics that you should consider before starting a blog. Blogging just to blog because everyone else in your industry is doing it, I would argue is not effective, even if it does add a human voice to your company


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