Method concentrating on innovations in detergents

Laundry detergent may be an odd area to be talking about exponential innovation. But Method, a  is doing just that, with their latest 8x concentrated laundry detergent. The competition, such as Unilever’s All Small and Mighty, with a concentration of 3X, seem neither small nor mighty in comparison.  The savings in water, energy and packaging with higher concentrations are clear.  But Method is challenging more than just the size of the bottle with this produce.

Picture your typical detergent cap with a line to fill up the product.  Method’s bottle has a pump that squirts out a specific amount of detergent.  Not only is this less wasteful, but it is probably easier to use as well.   However more detergent used means less detergent sold.  Whether the rest of the industry is ready to lower sales to follow innovation remains to be seen.  In the meantime, Method is fighting the good fight against overdosing on detergent.


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