Saving Electric Vehicles From Utter Failure

Plugging in an EVElectric vehicles (EVs) are a great idea, but they are going to utterly fail unless we make them easier to charge. Imagine this, you get up in the morning, start driving to work but “oh, no” you run out of juice halfway there. What happened? You forgot to plug it in!

Potential EV owners don’t realize it, but they are going to hate having to plug in their car every time they come home and unplug them when they leave.

Currently, there is a standard plug for electric vehicles called the J1772. This will allow EV owners to plug in at home, at the mall or at the airport. While this solves the problem of needing a special charger plug, plugging it in is always going to be a pain.

Wireless chargingWireless charging solves this problem. By installing a special receiver on the car itself and placing another on the garage floor underneath it, the vehicle will be able to start charging without having to plug it in.

People might not know it yet, but wireless charging will be the salvation of electric vehicles.


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One response to “Saving Electric Vehicles From Utter Failure

  1. That solution may work for people with garages.
    In urban areas a community system of charging stations will provide the service and software will determine what rates you pay based on time of day and power prices. There shall have to be some changes in the behavior of society as a whole as we adapt and move into this mode of transportation.
    I hope Auto companies realize fast that they need to get into the Mobility service business as opposed to selling automobiles.

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